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Skiathos Airport - Low Landings and Jetblasts


Skiathos, which is better known as "the european St. Martin" is probably one of the most famous airports in Europe when it comes to planespotting. Planes up to the size of a Boeing 757 are flying extremly low over a road at the end of the runway and numerous aviation enthusiasts show up every day to watch the airplanes arrive and depart on the short runway at Skiathos Airport. All clips in this video were filmed in June 2017 and I sumed up the best 10 minutes of this years Skiathos trip. I had to go through raw material with a length of 4 hours. This was probably the most time - consuming video project this year. I filmed some of these clips with a selfie stick which enables an unusal and higher angle. It was connected with a go pro camera. Most planes which arrive at Skiathos are tourist charters and especially UK holiday charter companies like Thomas Cook and Tui Uk are frequent visitors on the small island. It` s always a highlight when the Boeing 757-200 shows up on the ILS and lands on runway 02 at Skiathos.



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